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August 6, 2017
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Ok, I know this is not a post about travel but it’s something I have to share.  A few weeks back, I decided to go vegetarian after watching What The Health on Netflix.  The documentary was a bit biased but it woke me up to some of the crap that I’ve been stuffing into my face.

Since switching over to this lifestyle, I have had some meat, like during my trip to Jamaica because who goes to Jamaica and not eat Jerk Chicken??  Like who??  I also ate some meat when I got back home because I couldn’t find a good vegetarian option and I was STARVING!!

Switching over to this lifestyle is not for the lazy!  You have to really put thought into shopping and prepping your food. There are some fast food options like Taco Bell, Chipotle and Burger King (yes, they don’t fry their fries in lard and they have a veggie burger).  However, I have been met by some adversity since switching over.  For some odd reason, folks seem to think that if they tempt me with meat based food options, that I’m supposed to just eat the meat that they are offering.  If I choose to be a vegetarian, it is not a challenge for you to convert me back.  CAN I LIVE??  Seriously, one chick was like “Is this a true lifestyle thing or you just doing this temporarily, because I want you to go to Old Lady Gang with me”.  For those that don’t know, Old Lady Gang is a restaurant, here in Atlanta, that is run by Kandi Burruss of Xscape and RHOA along with her mom and husband.  They have fantastic soul food but I can’t really eat anything there because, you know, I’m vegetarian and I’m not sure what they sautee their spinach in or what’s used in their mashed potatoes.  She was so put out by my response, like I’m sorry that my lifestyle choice is stopping you from stuffing your pie hole!!

There are also those, like my lovely husband, who mean well and just want to see me happy.  He fried some catfish the other day and told me I could eat it because, you know, it’s not really meat.  LOL!  I love him.

This is a choice I made for myself.  I’m not forcing this on anyone.  I still cook meals with meat for my family.  Hell, if I feel so inclined to have a tuna steak one day, that too is my choice.  I wish folks would learn to just love a person, no matter their lifestyle choice, instead of putting them down for doing something that is outside of their own comfort zone.

P.S.:  I am going on a road trip this weekend and will update the blog on Sunday.  Thank you so much for reading and subscribing.

much love




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