ThisGirlGoes… to Montego Bay, Jamaica Baby!

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July 31, 2017
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ThisGirlGoes… to Montego Bay, Jamaica Baby!

Some friends and I decided that it was time for a girl’s trip, so we planned to meet up in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Instead of staying at a resort, we decided to rent a home.  A friend referred me to The Pimento Hill villa, here.  When we arrived into Sangster International Airport, we boogied through customs to meet with our driver, Delano.  Yes, the villa is fully staffed and includes a driver.  We riding out in style boo!!!  Once in the van, we headed to our place of residence for the next four days, The Pimento Hill Villa located in Round Hill Beach.

Pimento hill

6 Bedroom, 6.5 Bath Villa with Library and fully staffed

The Pimento Hill house is described as “a spacious, private home with a legendary history. The villa overlooks the Caribbean sea and is located just five minutes from Chic Round Hill where guests enjoy complimentary beach membership. It was originally built in the 50s for a French Count and Countess, Jacques and Vera di Sibour. This was a time when Jamaica was a glamorous party destination for the early jet set. Noel Coward, Ian Flemming, the Kennedy’s and many famous actors and actresses spent the holidays at Round Hill or at house parties in nearby villas. When Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip visited Montego Bay at the end of their Carribean tour in 1966, they stayed with the Count at Pimento Hill. There is a scrap book of newspaper cuttings in the villa detailing all the famous guests Pimento Hill has hosted.”


Letter from Queen Elizabeth II

HUGE does not even begin to describe this 9,000 square foot beauty.  Now I will say, the decor is more vintage, as this is an older home but that adds to its wonderful charm.  Our luxury stay included staff:  a wonderful cook (and assistant), butler, housekeeper, landscaper, laundress and night watchman.

I know…that night watchman part gave you pause, right?  Well rest easy.  The place was safe and beautiful.  Did I say beautiful??  Naaaaaw, that word doesn’t do it justice.  It was a stunning piece of paradise, that lulled you into this euphoric state of relaxation.  The grounds, with it’s lush vegetation, proved that there has to be a God to create all this beauty.  There were hibiscus flowers, coconut trees, almond trees and cannonball flowers that smelled like heaven!  The groundskeeper made sure that we had fresh flowers, for our hair, every morning.  I felt like a damn queen!

Hey you…yeah focus.  You can look at the pics later. 🙂  Ok…back to the villa.  Pimento Hill is a 6 bedroom, 6 bath villa with each of the bedrooms in different buildings.  There were two small “homes” along side the pool.  In the front of the villa, there are two unattached “homes”,  both with two bedrooms and separate baths.  In the main house, there were a couple of bedrooms, chef’s kitchen, butler quarters, family room and a veranda with ridiculous views of that gorgeous blue ocean, as well as a bar and pool table.

The chef’s meal’s were GOOD AS HELL!!!!  Prior to our arrival, the owner helped me  create our menu plan, which was amazing! I fell in love with her Ackee and Saltfish and her melt in your mouth jerk chicken.  Mmmmmm…my mouth is literally watering thinking about it.   She also created a beautiful birthday dinner for one of my best friend’s and my daughter.  Our butler made sure that we had round the clock rum punch, prosecco (for mimosas), and tequila.

The Pimento Hill Villa and it’s staff allowed me and my girls to live in paradise for 4 wonderful days.  Would I return??  Oh hell yes, if I’m lucky I’ll be back in 2018!!

Don’t believe me then go check it out yourself.  Tata4now!

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  1. wenndism says:

    I concur. This place is awesome. The experience was amazing. The island and it’s culture is vast and filled with good spirits.

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